This is how we roll in the CBA:

Executive Summary

  • The sport is played with one small ball (Pallino, a.k.a. the "Jack", a.k.a. the "P") and eight larger balls [Bocce (singular), Bocci (plural)] -- two for each player. The Pallino is thrown first and becomes the target. Then each Bocce is thrown with the goal of placing it as close to the Pallino as possible.
  • A full game of Bocce is called a Round, and it is separated into a series of scoring periods called Giri (plural) or Giro (singular).
  • There are four players in each Round, each player competing on the behalf of himself or herself, depending on gender of the player, with temporary possession of two bocce balls of the same a) color and b) marking.
  • In each Giro (scoring period), two point are awarded to the player whose Bocce is closest to the Pallino, and one point is awarded to the player whose ball is second closest.
  • The player that reaches eleven points first wins the Round.

Tossing Order

Initial Giro:
  • Toss #1: The player of the tallest stature tosses the Pallino to establish the target and then tosses his/her first Bocce
  • Toss #2: The player in possession of the ball whose color *and* marking are opposite of the first tosser
  • Remaining Tosses: Continue alternating colors until every player has cycled through and thrown both Bocci
Remaining Giri:
  • Toss #1: The player whose Bocce was closest in the previous Giro
  • Toss #2: The player whose Bocce was second closest in the previous Giro
  • Remaining Tosses: If the first two Bocci thrown in the Giro were of the same color, then alternate markings --- if they were of the same markings, then alternate color


  • It is legal (and encouraged) for a Bocce to hit the Pallino, and the Giro continues unless the Pallino is hit out of bounds, in which case the Giro is restarted at the opposite end of the court (no points awarded) with the winner from the previous Giro awarded first toss.
  • A Bocce is "in play" as long as it is touching a part of the boundary line.
  • If the Pallino is thrown out of bounds to begin a Giro, the player next in tossing order must throw the Pallino, but the player who won the previous Giro (and threw the ball out-of-bounds like some dough-head) still throws his/her Bocce first.